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Every serving of C4 Ultimate® Shred – Gummy Candy contains the Ultimate cutting formula and SHRED matrix. This blend is powered by clinically-studied ingredients which have been specifically selected for their ability to support fat burning and metabolism – enhancing the results of your fat-shredding workouts.*

In addition to the thermogenic properties of Capsimax® Cayenne, Oligonol® Lychee Fruit and Green Tea Extracts – every serving of C4 Ultimate® Shred Supports the mobilization of fats for energy production. Combining these ingredients with clinically studied DygloFIT®, and the nutrient enhancer Bioperine® Black Pepper Extract, C4 Ultimate® Shred provides the formula that you need to Shred fat and reveal your Ultimate physique.*


  • The most explosive PRE-Workout and Cutting Formula*
  • Energy* – Caffeine, TeaCrine®, and Rauwolfia Extract
  • Pumps* – Citrulline Malate Nitrosigine®
  • Endurance* – CarnoSyn®, Beta-Alanine
  • Focus* – Huperzine-A Zembrin® Caffeine
  • C4 Ultimate® Shred Pre-Workout is Gummy Candy Flavored.
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