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Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Gold Standard Protein Powder is the highest quality casein protein on the market. Studies have been demonstrating the amazing effectiveness of casein protein for a number of fitness-based benefits including the following:

Protein synthesis

With the steady stream of amino acids over hours, the body is able to engage in a higher level of protein synthesis. This creates the perfect anabolic environment for muscle growth.

Protects Muscle Tissue

Amino acids that are circulating in the muscle tissue help to protect from breakfast or a catabolic environment.

Suppresses Appetite

Once ingested, casein protein forms a slow digesting gel in the stomach. This gel releases amino acids over the course of hours, helping to avoid unnecessary cravings. (1)

Who should be using Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Gold Standard Protein Powder?

Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Gold Standard Protein Powder is an ideal supplement to use for a variety of people including those who have been in the fitness industry for decades or those just starting out. It provides you with 24 grams of the purest quality protein, which is ideal for muscle growth, recovery, and performance. See real change with ON’s Casein.

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