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The European company Olimp recently released a new pre-workout that’s available all over the place now called Knockout 2.0. On the brand’s website, it says “Knockout 2.0 probably the most powerful pre-workout on the market.” After we looked at its label, however, we did think otherwise.

Olimp’s new Knockout 2.0 makes the usual promises with things like muscle pumps and razor-sharp concentration. To do this, it has been packed with a very simple combination of features, with a total of seven different ingredients.

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From top to bottom the ingredients in Knockout 2.0 are 2.1g of beta-alanine, 1.1g of arginine, 200mg of caffeine, 600mg of taurine, 25mg of CapsiMax, and 7.5mg of black pepper extract. There is also 600mg of citrulline in Knockout, 15% of what you’ll find in a serving of DVST8 White Cut, which is why we don’t believe it’ll perform like the most pre-workout out there.

If you’d like to give Olimp’s latest pre-workout effort a run, despite how common its formula looks. You can now purchase Knockout 2.0 from the brand’s website at Myr120 for a 50 serving tub in four flavors, Pear Attack, Cola Blast, Citrus Punch, and Bubble Blow.

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