Olimp Whey Protein Complex 1.5lbs




1 tub 5lbs
61 servings
26 gram of protein per serving
Whey protein concentrate + whey protein isolate


What are your first associations when you hear these words?
You might have in mind marvellous sensations and beautiful moments in life, or visualisations of dreams, with which you wake up and go to sleep every day. We fulfil your dreams right now! We give you…. a new flavour Whey Protein Complex 100%.

Euphoria – when you learn about a new flavour for your favourite protein-powder supplement.
Many of them have already been in your shaker. You have your favourites. And now you’ll have something which outshines them all!

Excitation – when you get hold of the new packaging. The new, preparation – a liquid chocolate-like product – is tempting you. You open it and your sense of smell is relishing the aroma of genuine cocoa1. Now you know that the first taste, and each one to follow…will be an exceptional feeling.

Ecstasy – which you will experience when your taste buds are hit with a flavour unknown till now, and its incredible consistency will complete the job. From now on every morning and every evening will be associated by you only with the Double Chocolate flavour Whey Protein Complex 100%!

The sky’s the limit!

We know that each 37-gram portion of Double Chocolate flavour Whey Protein Complex 100%, as well as its excellent taste, will provide you with as much as 26 grams of balanced protein from the concentrate and whey isolate.

You can decide whether to make from it a shake based on water or milk, or use it according to your need for an ingredient for preparing a nutritious meal during the day. The Double Chocolate flavour Whey Protein Complex 100% will ideally prove itself as a supplement to home-cooking recipes for puddings, homemade blancmanges, or in homemade protein ice cream. You can use it to bake biscuits, muffins or brownies.

And what will you say for the Double Chocolate flavour, home-made protein-cocoa cream? – YUMMY, YUMMY 

Basically you are limited by your imagination only – isn’t it beautiful?!

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