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The best offer ever for Scivation Xtend Raspberry Blue, 90 Servings by Scivation in Dubai, U.A.E and GCC , for limited time, Intra-Workout Catalyst. 3500mg L-Leucine For Muscle Protein Synthesis. 7000mg BCAAs. Over 4600mg of L-Glutamine

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Product Description

Intra-Workout Catalyst. 3500mg L-Leucine For Muscle Protein Synthesis. 7000mg BCAAs. Over 4600mg of L-Glutamine, Citrulline Malate & Electrolytes. Zero Sugar or Carbs. Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Recovery Faster. Scivation Xtend the most advanced sugar and carbohydrate-free Intra-Workout Catalyst, scientifically formulated to maximize training intensity and promote optimal muscle protein synthesis and recovery while you train. Xtend is formulated with a precise PentActive blend of actives, synergistically involved in key cellular processed to optimize muscle performance and response. 1) Research validated 2:1:1 ration of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine to stimulate and support muscle protein synthesis and promote metabolic energy while you train. 2) Glutamine to promote muscle intracellular BCAA metabolism down to the correct energy and protein synthesis pathways via the BCAA aminotransferase enzyme. 3) The rate-limiting cofactor Vitamin B6 to ensure optimal BCAA aminotransferase reactions. 4) Bonded Citrulline Malate to help facilitate rapid ATP turnover and lactate reabsorption to support higher training volumes at a given exercise intensity. 5) The three most vital electrolytes-Potassium, Chloride and Sodium-to optimize cell hydration and muscle contractile function while you train under the most brutal of conditions.

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Weight 1.3 kg

Blue Rasberry, Watermelon


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